Friday, June 11, 2010

Welcom Back, Suppan

The Brewers recently sent Jeff Suppan packing, and the suddenly pitching starved Cardinals decided it was time for a reunion. Nice, low risk signing, but you wonder if Sup has anything left. Given his track record, you have to give Dave Duncan the benefit of the doubt, but Suppan was TERRIBLE for the Brewers. Memories of the 2006 postseason give me a sense of patience about this, but so far the 2010 season hasn't been quite what the Cardinals -- or their fans -- envisioned.

The pitching staff is in a bit of a shambles these days. While Carpenter and Wainwright have been their usual dependable selves, things aren't quite so steady with spots 3-5. Kyle Lohse is recovering from surgery and may not be fit for the rotation when he's healthy. Brad Penny's injury is looking a bit more serious than first thought. Jaimie Garcia continues to be a pleasant surprise, but now that he slots in as the #3 starter, you worry that the rookie wall is looming. The Cards have tried filling in with Walters and Ottavino from AAA, and while both have shown potential, they've proven that they probably aren't ready for a full time gig in the majors. So that leaves us looking outside of the organization for help.

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