Friday, June 11, 2010

It's Moving Day!

I've been writing "A Spot of Red in Cubland" for just over a year over at Felt like that gave me a good spot to start, but always felt compelled to keep the topics to baseball -- I mean, it was a site owned by, after all.

While I'll spend more time talking baseball than most other topics, I felt like a switch to a more general area would free me up to talk about some of the other sports and random things that might come to mind. For example, I've become a huge soccer fan over the last couple of years, and will probably talk a little World Cup. I also love TV and music, so I'm sure sooner or later, I'll write something devoted completely to one of those topics and won't mention sports at all.

Anyway, I encourage any comments and hope you enjoy the read. If you do, please share with your friends.

Thanks for reading!

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